In America, one of the most favorite fun-filled activities, especially in the summer, is camping. As a matter of fact, there are programs all throughout the country intended to immerse kids and young people in summer camps in order for them to learn a thing or two about growing up. Camping is done by the family, with a group of friends, or even just a couple who want to spend some quality time together out of the busy city life.


And considering that this type of activity for the most part, involves sleeping in an outdoor setting, one of the most important tools to have is a tent. With it, campers are guaranteed to have a safe stay outside, with protection to the outdoor elements such as the weather.


In choosing the camping tent to purchase, there are several factors to consider. In this guide, we'll look at space, weather compatibility, resistance to water, mobility, and price.


1 - Space and Size


This factor is all about how many people are going to join the camping adventure. If you are hoping to buy a camping tent intended for a family composed of at least three people, then you should be considering a three-person to five-person tent. In fact, if you are heading out to camp with your spouse and your son or daughter, it is advisable that you get a four-person tent instead of the three-person variety, the reason of which is for you to have ample room to move around inside. But be reminded that the bigger the camping then it the bulkier it'll be and this could be an issue when it comes to transporting it.


2 - Weather Compatibility


Aside from size and space, three season tents can also be of different varieties based on what sort of weather they'll be used. For instance, there are so-called one-season tents which are basically used for summer camping, while you also can purchase two, three, four-season or even all season tents, which as the terms suggest, offer more features to withstand various weather conditions.


3 - Water Resistance


Although most people wouldn't mind buying a summer camping tent without water resistance features, we still believe that this one is an essential addition to your tent. A water resistant camping tent does not only protect you and your fellow campers against rain, but also against moisture. You wouldn't want to go to a summer camping trip, sleep at night feeling confident, and then waking up to the surprise of rain, with everyone inside soaked in water.


4 - Mobility


Mobility in this sense actually refers to how easy the camping tent can be set up and how equally convenient it is to transport. Never purchase one that will give you a hard time to both set up and pack, especially those that are still very bulky even when they're already packed. It is best to get something that is made out of light but durable material so that you won't find it difficult to carry and transport. However, prepare to pay more for it though.


5 - Price



And finally, there's the price. Your number of options primarily depends on how much you can afford. Don't hope for the best all season tents out there if you have a limited budget. However, by adding a little more effort and time in shopping, you just might find something that's affordable yet premium in quality.